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We specialize in Mathematics tuition. Over the years, we have been consistently following up with the changes in the Ministry of Education’s syllabus and developing new courses to meet the needs of the students.


Our Mathematics Problem Solving Class helps students to learn concepts and skills to solve problem sums and to help prepare them for the examinations. The course material is developed in-house, using past year school exam papers to expose students to a wide variety of questions.

Our Teaching Staff

Our teachers are registered with the Ministry of Education, and are qualified to teach the relevant subjects and at the various levels. They have always been committed to give their best to the students, guiding them towards academic excellence. Also, the school is always on the lookout for experienced teachers to render the best education for the students.

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Parents Testimonials

 The purpose of this letter is to furnish an unsolicited recommendation for Zhicheng Private School. It is the best private school for my daughter to complete her AEIS and QT examinations during the past half a year. Now, she has successfully entered a government secondary school to continue her education in Singapore. We really appreciate all the staff and good teachers who assisted her during the past half a year. They are kind, helpful, friendly, of professional standard and try their best to help the students. We are really lucky to let my daughter study in Zhicheng private school.

     We are really satisfied with this school and strongly recommend Zhicheng Private School to all the parents who intend to let their children study in Singapore.

     Finally, we appreciate all the staff and teachers who helped my daughter (Ms. Shirley Lam) during the past half a year.  Thank you!

Ms. Alice Lam (Ms. Shirley Lam’s mother), 03-03-2011

Student Testimonials

I was a student from Zhicheng since September 2010 and because of studying in Zhicheng, I got into the secondary school to continue my studies in Singapore.

All the teachers here are patient, willing to teach and persevering. They will explain each question clearly to us until all of us understand and know the concept.

Besides, even though they will give us plenty of exercises, nevertheless, this totally helps us to improve a lot and come a long way. Such being the case, i am able to write and speak well in English now.

Moreover, the staff here are responsible and affable. They put all their effort to help us to pass with flying colours and attend a government school.

Shirley Lam Sau Wing, 03-03-2011

Career Opportunities

  • Primary/Secondary Chinese Teachers (Part-Time)
  • Centre Manager/School Administrators (Full/ Part-time)
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