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When it comes to sending your child to study in Singapore, we aim to put your mind at ease. We ensure 24-hour supervision over your child's studies, discipline and health.

Over the past 30 years, our students have consistently performed well in their schools exams. They have also shown good conduct. These are the testimonies that have made Zhicheng a household name in hostel services.

Zhicheng Student Hostel has 5 core services:

  1. Housekeeping

  2. Laundry

  3. Tuition

  4. Balanced meals

  5. Transport

Both the Boys’ and Girls’ hostels have a team consisting of a manager, 3 supervisors and 5 housekeepers to ensure that everything is operating smoothly to provide the best care possible for your child.

We are a One Stop Service Centre, handling both the welfare and administrative affairs for your child such as school placement, visa application, passport extension, air-ticket booking, airport transfers, petty cash reports, and student performance report and document translation.


Reliable, Firm and Friendly

We have stay-in housekeepers; maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness; supervised use of computers; air-conditioned rooms; provision of counseling for students who require help.



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