One-Stop Service Centre

We also handle the administrative aspect of your child’s stay in Singapore:

  • School placement
  • Visa application
  • Student pass application & sponsorship
  • Long-term social visit pass application
  • Passport extension
  • Booking of Guardian air-tickets
  • Airport transfers
  • Petty cash reports
  • Student performance report
  • Document translation

Strict supervision

  • Routine & discipline
  • High standards of hygiene & cleanliness
  • Personal cabinet, wardrobe & drawer
  • Spacious living areas & rooms
  • Supervised use of computers & broadband internet
  • Air-conditioned rooms

Student Care

Our staff to student ratio is 1 : 2. This ensures that hospitalisations & emergencies are attended to immediately. Primary students are fetched home immediately after school & co-curricular activities.

Our staff meet up with students during personal time to listen to them. Counselling is provided for students who need help. Stay-in housekeepers ensure 24-hour supervision. Sports activities during weekends help students maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Music equipment

Pianos, drumset & electric pianos

Exercise and Sporting equipment:

Badminton, Table tennis, Rugby, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Frisbee, BBQ pits


Contact Us

+65 6440 3318

+65 6251 9159


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